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Edu­ca­tion and youth are close­ly inter­locked like fra­grance and flower. Edu­ca­tion is pri­mar­i­ly meant for youth, since youth is the spring­time for life when an indi­vid­ual has to blos­som in terms of knowl­edge, wis­dom and char­ac­ter.

In the present set-up of our social struc­ture, it is much the duty of the youth as it is their right to receive prop­er edu­ca­tion which will equip them for a good life and enlight­ened cit­i­zen­ship.

In 1998 I.T.A. was estab­lished by Mufti Zubair Dud­ha (Hafiza­hul­lah) to cre­ate a sense of dis­ci­pline, based upon an enlight­ened com­pre­hen­sion of moral and eth­i­cal val­ues, as is the cry­ing need of the hour all over the world.

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