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ITA Activities

  • Five times Salãh with Jamã’t
  • Daily educational classes and programmes for the general masses. This includes; Arabic classes, Tajweed classes, Tafseer and Hadith lessons.
  • Social Activities. (Guidance & Counselling services).
  • Regular youth Tarbiyah programmes.
  • Khanqah (institute for spiritual reformation).
  • Publication of a bi-monthly journal ATTARBIYAH & Tarbiyatus Sãlikeen and other Islãmic literature.
  • Issuance of Fatãwa (Decrees pertaining to religious matters) and answering queries relating to Masã’il (rulings) of Deen.
  • Zakãt Collection & Distribution.
  • Drugs prevention and rehabilitation
  • Public Islãmic Library
  • Tuition for new Muslims.
  • General propagation of Islãm.