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ITA Programs

Weekly Programmes

Wednesday evenings

  • Islahi (reformational) programme. Topics relating to spiritual enhancement and reformation are discussed.

Friday evenings

  • Tafseer Quran. Commentary of the Quran is delivered to enable the listeners to understand the Quran.

Annual Jalsa

  • On completion of the Academic year senior and junior students of the Academy give their presentations in various languages. The students are then given their awards

Annual Hajj Programme

  • Prospective pilgrims are taught how to perform both Umrah and Hajj. The programme goes through the full details of Hajj and Umrah with relevant masa’il and issues discussed. Practical demonstrations as well as power point display are used. The programme ends with a question & answer session.

Annual Roohani (spiritual) Programme

  • Various masha’ikh deliver talks on topics related to spiritual enhancement. Many of the talks are given by Khulafah of Arifbillah Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar (D.B.). talks are in English and Urdu.

Annual Tarbiyatu-Shabaab Programme

  • A special programme for the Tarbiayh of the youth (Shabaab). All talks are given in English and topics relating to youth issues are discussed.

16 day Intensive Shar’iah Course (December)

  • This is an intensive course covering topics like, Hadith, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Tafseer and Tajweed. The course is for 16 days with 6 hours of lessons each day. Many new-Muslims local and from Europe attend the event

Open day for people of all faith

  • This is to allow people of other faiths the chance to view the Academy.